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Welcome to our December 2015 newsletter! 

In this issue, we cover our recent projects, new volunteers, and upcoming events. Click here to view the June 2015 newsletter

What is it?

THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ is a video conference forum that brings globalites together in dialogue on global topics in a quest for the Truth of the matter; To allow solutions to emerge (if they do) from that position of clarity; To experiment with Truth.  Here are links to some of the topics discussed in 2015:

Jan 10 2015: Women safety in India April 11 2015: Children and Conditioning April 25 2015: Looking - Part 1 May 16 2015 Parenting and Perception June 4 2015: Looking - Part 2 June 18 2015: What is reality? July 16 2015: I Think, Therefore I Am Sept 3 2015: The fine line of intellect/thought from emotion/feelings Nov 19 2015: Is memory reliable?

Globalizm NOW

What is it?

Globalizm NOW is an initiative that encourages globalites to take action when they encounter a situation that needs help.  Globalites propose projects and leverage our Globalizm community to work together and make a difference.

We currently have two projects that have concluded and two in progress. Click here to read about our projects and join in.

Globalites Taking Action NOW!

Joselyn, a middle schooler from New York joined us as a volunteer and initiated the "Eat for a Cause Fundraiser"  at Veggie Grill, El Segundo in Los Angeles.  The event raised $281.45 for Project Dil Se towards buying bunk beds for children at an orphanage in Madurai, India.
Came across a situation that disturbed you?  Take Action NOW!  Click here to propose a Project!
Bala was instrumental in helping design the children's workshop.  Especially noteworthy was his contribution of his original story "Sophia and The Tree Fairy".  The story is about a little girl Sophia who learns how to be mindful, and then goes a step further and discovers awareness and oneness.  Story time was one of the most liked activities at the workshop!
Jameel and Morgan lead the efforts to organize The Best I Can Be Children's Workshop in Los Angeles partnering with CRY - Child Rights and You America at their annual CRY Walk event.  The workshop had many carefully planned games and activities towards developing mindfulness, conscious choice, awareness and oneness in children.  11 children participated ranging from ages 2.5 to 12.5!  Click here for photos from the event..  While many helped plan the activities for the workshop, the project was made possible by the excellent leadership and coordination by Jameel and Morgan.  Jameel organized the project into 5 sprints to achieve the goal in an organized and speedy manner, and Morgan set up a Trello collaboration board and got everyone on the same page...literally!

Welcoming new Globalites!

Volunteers who want to help

Globalizm and its mission resonates with people of all ages.  We have had volunteers as young as 13 and 82 years old, all of them wanting to help in one way or the other.  Volunteers who joined us during the second half of the year are Morgan Frost from Seattle, WA, Jameel Nathoo from Vancouver, Canada, and Dhruvi Patel and Leena Bhakri from Los Angeles.

Jameel lives in Vancouver, Canada and he is passionate about working with youth and communities who need that "spark" to become self-sufficient.  Jameel joined us as project manager, and has quickly become a contributor in all our activities including our Globalite Cafe dialogues! Click here for Jameel's profile
Dhruvi lives in Orange County, and describes herself as a fun loving soul, figuring out the purpose of being. She likes to read inspirational auto/biographies and what she loves to do most, is to speak in public. No wonder she was a natural at conducting the mindfulness activities at the children's workshop and lead the children from "mind full" to "mindful". Click here for Dhruvi's profile.
Leena lives in Los Angeles and having expressed her interest to volunteer a while ago, jumped in right when we needed her the most - and helped conduct the awareness/oneness activities at the children's workshop.  Leena is passionate about children's causes and is always looking for ways to help.
Are you a Globalite? Click here to volunteer!
Morgan is from Seattle, WA.  Morgan is passionate about people, projects, bicycling, service, self-improvement, coffee, leadership, and spreading compassion in the world. She loves being organized and working in teams.  Morgan is a project manager alongside Jameel, and has already made our life easy with her Web 2.0 tools and ideas! Click here for Morgan's Profile

UPCOMING EVENTS Annual General Body Meeting (ONLINE)

Video conference on Thursday, December 17th, 8.00 - 9.30 PM PST

Agenda 2015 year in review - Projects, Financials, Celebrations 2016 Goals and Plans.

Please click here to register for the event. 


Video conference on Saturday January 30th, 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM PST (Yes! we'll try going back to Saturday mornings and hope more of you can join us!)

Topic To be voted at start of session

Please click here to register for the event. 


Believe it or not, we turned 1 year old on October 14 2015!  2015 has been a formative year for Globalizm Inc.  We are growing organically as we build a strong core team while also taking a number of projects forward.  We have big plans for 2016 towards furthering our vision of "Conscious Evolution, Collective Excellence", as we continue this meaningful journey of coming together and BEing that change!

But before we call it a wrap for the year, let's get together for one final online video conference!  Its our first annual general body meeting on December 17th 2015.  BE there! 

Please click here to register for the event.

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