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Welcome to our June 2015 newsletter! 

In this issue, we cover the state of our NOW initiative, introduce new volunteers, and upcoming events

Globalizm NOW

What is it?

Globalizm NOW is an initiative that encourages globalites to take action when they encounter a situation that needs help.  Globalites propose projects and leverage our Globalizm community to work together and make a difference.

We currently have one Project concluding, and three Projects starting up. Click here to read about our projects and join in.

Globalites Taking Action NOW!

Rajee proposed Project ROOT to solve for Women Safety starting with transformation at the root - children who are future citizens of the world.  "I view the root of any society is its children. If all of us instill the right perspectives in our children about women, the real change will certainly happen in the future, when all our children view women with respect for their rights as a person. Change the children, Change the society."
Arch proposed Project VETmoved by the sight of an 85 year old vet standing at a street corner with a sign asking for a job.  Mr. Frary who is now bedridden, and others in senior homes like him need someone to talk to more than anything else.  " If there is one thing we can all do, that is to visit a home over a weekend and spend some time with seniors, and we might have added just a little bit of cheer to help them through their days."
Jayanthi proposed and successfully conducted Project HAPPY FEET to send shoes that grow and last for 5 years to children without footwear.  "I stepped on a pebble on my way to get the newspaper off the driveway. It was followed by a series of ouch and choice words. one pebble, one micro second.  There are children without the means to buy shoes. I bet they swallow their ouches..every pebble, every micro second, every moment, every day, all the time, all their life.  I want to support this an org that believes in practical compassion and sends shoes to kids around the world to help better protect their feet and keep them healthy"
Came across a situation that disturbed you?  Take Action NOW!  Click here to propose a Project!
Sastha proposed Project DIL SE to provide bunk beds to a children's home in Madurai, India so the children would not have to sleep on the floor during the cold monsoons.  Dil Se means "From the Heart. "Presently, the Dil Se trust has 12 children living with them, 5 orphans and the rest from abusive families/drunkard fathers/ill parents/separated families. The children sleep on mats on the floor and Mr Chandrabose who runs the trust made a request if individuals or group can sponsor five 2-tiered bunkers for the children."

Welcoming new Globalites!

Volunteers who want to help

Its been an interesting couple of weeks after posting a request for volunteers on volunteer matching sites. Globalizm and its mission resonates with people of all ages from a 13 year old to an 81 year old, all of them wanting to help in one way or the other.  Welcome to our newest batch of volunteers! They are Joselyn from New York, Mikayla from Florida , Nathan from Seattle and Lokhin from Wisconsin (moving soon to Massachusetts).

Mikayla lives in Florida and is about to be both a senior in high school and a freshman at the local college. she is doing early admission. She has a part-time job and she wants to to be involved with the world's needs and helping those who need assistance of any sort too!  She is joining us as social media manager. Click here to see Mikayla's profile
Joselyn is a middle schooler from New York.  She is joining us as fundraising manager and has many creative ideas.  She has already initiated an "Eat for a Cause Fundraiser" and even blogged about it! Click here to see Joselyn's profile
Nathan lives in Seattle and is a social media analyst who has some interestig insights on the psychology of engagement on social media.  He is joining us as social media manager.  Click here for Nathan's Profile.
Are you a Globalite? Click here to volunteer!
Lokhin is from Wisconsin and just graduated from high school.  He was accepted to both Princeton and MIT!  He is headed to MIT in the fall to study Computer Science and "do something that changes the world and how it operates".  He is interested in web and graphics design.  He is joining us as Graphics Designer.  Click here for Lokhin's Profile


Projects Summit this weekend! (ONLINE)

Video conference on Saturday June 13th, 9.00 AM - 10.30 AM PST

Agenda Introductions, Review Projects, Discuss Collaboration Plan across project teams, social media managers, fundraising managers and graphics designers.

Please click here to register for the event.


Video conference on Saturday June 18th, 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM PST

Topic (proposed by Harold) What is reality? Can the definition of reality be boiled down to three categories: matter, mind, or mind+matter?

Please click here to register for the event

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