Happy Spot

Do you have a Happy Spot that you can go to at will?  Here’s #globalite Arch’s Happy Spot! Brow furrowed, a search for that happy spot takes me down Read More

A Second Chance

#globalite Suri contemplates about what he could have done and feels he has a second chance at setting things right. #donowsoyoudontregretlater   I was running as fast as I Read More

Unique One

Arch’s take on oneness – connecting the dots between one and oneness. #sundayoneday You know, you and I are not that different if you think about it. Peel a Read More

Me and the world

#globalite ssubrama observes what idealogy does even to a small group of friends, leave alone the rest of the world! #sundayoneday Over the last few years I feel like I Read More

Defining Oneness

Harold muses over definition of oneness.  What does oneness mean to you?  #sundayoneday Oneness has many meanings. It means different things to different people. There is not much Read More