Defining Oneness

Harold muses over definition of oneness.  What does oneness mean to you?  #sundayoneday

Oneness has many meanings. It means different things to different people. There is not much point in deciding a certain meaning is the right meaning.  It is best for me to say what oneness means to me.

It is not sameness.. All human beings are not the same. Some are bigger than others. Some are smarter than others and so forth.  One thing everyone has a right to is the opportunity to work and earn at least a basic living wage. If opportunity abounds their future is in their hands.  Our most precious gift in life is our individuality. What to do with it is a tough question. The responsibility of what to do with it should not be taken lightly. Like squandering life with liquor or drugs or even making more money than you could possibly spend.

In summary, my daughter Aubrey said “The individual is critical. We are not a herd of animals. Paradoxically we ultimately are one but we are also individuals”.

What does Oneness mean to you?


[Image Source: National Geographic]

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