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Date(s) - 07/11/2015
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (Pacific Time)

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Globalizm NOW is a focused action forum for pressing social causes.

 The July 2015 gathering will be an online video conference
on Saturday, July 11th, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (Pacific Time)
(the 2nd Saturday of the month)


Upcoming “Eat for a Cause” Fundraiser 


Globalite Joselyn, our youngest volunteer came up with the idea of conducting an “eat for a cause” fundraiser to raise funds for our projects NOW and has scheduled a Veggie Grill Fundraiser in Los Angeles on July 30th.  Veggie Grill will donate 50% of dinner sales to Globalizm Inc.
The purpose of this video conference is to discuss our publicity plan including social media and locally in LA to make this fundraiser a success.


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What is the purpose of GLOBALIZM NOW forums?
To bring together people with a shared passion for particular global topics
To corroborate ideas and identify solutions
To take direct or indirect action to have an impact and move the needle forward on the topic at hand.

What is the nature of NOW forums?
NOW forums are often (but not necessarily) spun off from THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ, a dialogue forum where global topics are examined.
NOW forums are formed when one or more globalite feels that the topic needs active action NOW
There may be multiple NOW projects at any given time, each dealing with a different topic
Participation is open to anyone interested in the topic and wanting to be a part of the solution

Some Suggestions on the Nature of NOW forums:
* NOW forums discuss projects that address social causes with an immediate need for help or action
*Now forums demonstrate a sense of urgency to take fast but well considered action.  Action may be direct or indirect (e.g. through partners)
* NOW projects usually have a well defined timeframe (1-5 months typically)
* Each NOW project has a facilitator (typically the globalite who proposed the project) and team members to plan and implement the project

Why participate?
* Find expression for your urge to do greater good along with like-minded people interested on the same global topics as you
* Learn to work with a globally distributed team to take focused action for a cause
* Make friends in the process!

How do I get set up for the video conference?
Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: Click here
Note:  This meeting requires a password.  Please RSVP to receive the password.




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