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Globalizm – Evolution Update!

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Here’s a quick update on the organic crystallization of our vision, the major milestones along the way and what we are working on currently.

Precursor (how it all started):
30-Jan (2010) The discovery of a Gandhian website triggers the thinking about spreading the message of Nonviolence
30-Aug (2010) created to promote the Pledge of Nonviolence
02-Oct (2010) Launch of the Annual International Day of Nonviolence observation in 50 cities around the world
Launch of the International Day of Nonviolence Facebook Page
30-Jan (2013) Globalizm “Conscious Evolution Collective Excellence Conceptualized
 Official Launch and Later:
05-Jul (2014) Official launch:  Globalizm Website and Facebook page launched with Globalites share inspiring stories of personal transformation, action, service
14-Oct (2014) Globalizm Inc registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of California, USA
Board of directors formed – Harold Walker and Jayanthi Krishnan join the board
27-Jan (2015) 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Certification for federal tax exemption in the US received
25-Sep (2015) Globalizm Wells Fargo Checking/Savings Account created
Team Building Think Tank Discussion Forum on FB
Volunteer Recruitment through
Trello Collaboration board
Half yearly newsletter in June & December
05-Nov (2014) Dialogue forum “THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ” online video conference launched to examine global topics and social issues
 10-JAN (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bharath] Women safety in India
27-Jan (2015) 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Certification for federal tax exemption in the US received
21-Feb (2015) Action forum “GLOBALIZM NOW” launched to take action and make a positive impact towards resolving social issues
10-APR (2015) – 31-JUL (2015) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Jayanthi] Project Happy Feet – Jayanthi read about an initiative called “Shoes that Grow” on her facebook newsfeed, and unlike many who had moved on to the next news byte, decided to take action.  She initiated this project and helped raise $915 towards 100 Shoes.
11-APR (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Arch] Children and Conditioning
25-APR (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bala] Looking – Part 1
16-MAY 2015 [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Sastha] Parenting and Perception
25-MAY (2015) – 08-AUG-2015 [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Sastha] Project Dil Se – Sastha in his many travels came upon a children’s home run by a Gandhian at Madurai, India.  The children were sleeping on mats on the floor.  With the monsoons coming soon, Sastha was moved enough to initiate this project to provide bunkbeds and mattresses for the children.  The project was successfully funded with Rs. 47,500 for 5 bunkbeds.
01-JUN (2015) – 30-JUN (2015) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Arch] Project Vet – Inspired by 85 year old Mr. Vern Frary who was standing on a street with a sign “VET needs work”.  We started contacting agencies for work and provided Mr. Frary with a $100 donation, but his health deteriorated and he passed away a week before July 4th.  When we met him at the nursing home, and asked him what it was he needed, he said, all he needed was a friend, and a job.  He will remain our inspiration to reach out and help.
04-JUN (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bala] Looking – Part 2
18-JUN (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Harold] What is reality?
16-JUL (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Nathan] I Think, Therefore I Am
03-SEP (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Aubrey] The fine line of intellect/thought from emotion/feelings
01-MAR (2015) – Present [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Rajee/Arch] Project Root – Identifying the root cause of societal issues like women abuse lead Rajee to creating Project Root to reach out to children, to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

[16-MAY (2015)] Sastha initiated a parenting quiz at a Globalite Cafe session to identify the primary factors that have the greatest influence in the upbringing and molding of an individual. This resulted in developing a “Globalizm Pyramid of Conditioning” framework that helps an individual become aware of one’s own conditioning. A Globalizm whitepaper with the survey results and the pyramid of conditioning is planned.

[08-Nov (2015)] Project Root aligned well with a Children’s Workshop that Arch had been conducting.  The workshop has become the vehicle to take this initiative forward. The Globalizm team under the leadership of Jameel and Morgan conducted its first workshop at the CRY Walk 2015 on 08-Nov-2015 with plans to conduct workshops in multiple locations in the coming months.

19-NOV (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bala] Is memory reliable?
 17-DEC (2015)  Annual General Body Meeting
 2016-2017 Discussions about a partnership with Ashford university based in San Diego on a service learning capstone online project for their students where their students work on Globalizm projects for 5 weeks as part of their Bachelors in Human Services leadership. Arch – Founder/President of and Dr. Michael Wueste, Program Chair/Professor: College of Health, Human Services and Science at Ashford University co-presented the concept at the Ashford Teaching and Learning Conference on 01 Nov 2016. The project was not implemented due to approval government changes and Dept of Education approval delays.
 26-JAN (2018) We are sad to lose our dear Sastha Prakash, volunteer photographer and website admin.
 01-JAN (2019) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Prabu] Project One Tree Planted Following the Australian Fire, globalites decided to fundraise for One Tree Planted to help redevelop forests.
 17-FEB (2019)  Our dear board member and surf board pioneer Harold Walker left for his heavenly abode. He was 86 years old.
 2019 – 2020 [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Arch] Dhyana Chakram Meditation Labyrinth is a peace and mindfulness initiative by Globalizm Inc. to create physical spaces for people to slow down and center themselves amidst their busy and digital lives. The first such labyrinth was inaugurated in Coimbatore, India on 19 Dec 2019.
 02-FEB (2022) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Arch] Project Adivasi to support Vidyodaya Adivasi Schools in Gudalur, India to enable education using indigenous methods.

And we continue to evolve!

To learn more about The Globalite Cafe and the Globalizm NOW forums please click here and check out the events section to register for an upcoming event.

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Project VET Update #1: Met the Vet who inspired this project

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Mr. Vern Frary, the gentleman who inspired us to start this project to help vets in need is sick and in a senior nursing home in Los Angeles.  #Globalite Arch went to meet him today to handover a donation on behalf of Globalizm Inc.  Here’s how the meeting went. 

As some of you may remember, I met 85 year old Mr. Frary at a street corner where he was standing with a sign and wanted help to find a job.  Many passersby were moved, so was I, so I decided to try and help him.  When I sent mailers out to my university alumni lists, a few alumni wanted to make a donation to help Mr. Frary out.  So we decided to start a project at Globalizm called Project VET to help Mr. Frary and others like him.

When I tried calling Mr. Frary last week, he didn’t answer my call.  I vaguely remembered him mentioning a senior home on Washington Blvd.  Thanks to the internet, I was able to find the home and called.  I heard the nurse saying she was holding Mr. Frary up so he could talk on the phone.  Yet he insisted he wanted a job and nothing else.  When I called again last night, the nurse thought I didn’t know what I was talking about  when I said Mr. Frary wanted a job.  Clearly things weren’t looking good.  So I decided that I had to see him today by all means and headed out this afternoon with a $100 donation in hand.

When I arrived at the home, there was an ambulance with flashing red lights outside.  I wondered if it was for Mr. Frary.  I walked in through the 911 emergency entrance and saw long narrow hallways stretching across the rectangular sides of the building with a courtyard in the middle.  I asked a nurse where Mr. Frary was and he directed me to a nursing station. Luckily the nurse I had spoken to the previous day was around and he took me to Mr. Frary’s room.  The room was divided by curtains apparently to accomodate 2-3 people but only Mr. Frary was in the room at the far end.  As I walked over, I saw a frail old man with just a blanket over his knees and nothing else lying on the bed.  While he looked weak, he was attentive and immediately recognized me as the person he had met at the street corner.   He said he was going to be up and about soon and still wanted a job.  I told him he should just rest and get better, and said some people had sent donations.  He vigorously shook his head and said he “no money, I want a job.”  Is there anything else you need Mr. Frary?  I persisted.  He said, “I just want a friend.”  I felt crushed, as he continued to feel surprised that I visited him and that he didn’t get any visitors, and that he was very lonely.  After some more chit chatting, I handed over the donation, and I told him I’d come and see him again and as I walked out, he said, “I want to go home”.  I walked out and thanked the nurse for what he did.  He said, don’t thank me, I get paid to do this – I said, still his care was appreciated.

As I walked back through the corridors watching seniors room after room, some dozing off on wheel chairs, others on beds – some in robes, some mostly naked, I was at a loss for words.  On the one hand I am thankful to the system for providing care and healthcare to our seniors, on the other hand, I see how lonely and abandoned they are, and that breaks my heart.  If there is one thing we can all do, that is to visit a home over a weekend and spend some time with seniors, and we might have added just a little bit of cheer to help them through their days.

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The Why What How When Who and Where of Globalizm Inc

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Globalizm Inc has evolved from the vision of collective excellence of life fueled by our conscious evolution as a species capable of self reflection and conscious choices. BEing the change!

WHY :  The state of the world is merely a reflection of what is within each of us as individuals.  If each of us lives conscientiously, carefully considering our day to day choices and the impact we are having on other living beings and the planet, then the world would inevitably shift towards being more congenial and harmonious.  When we are in harmony with the universe living with awareness in the moment, we are also able to live up to our highest potential, and contribute positively to the world at large.  Imagine what the world might look like if all 7 billion humans alive were to live in this manner!  We – you and me – have the potential to accelerate towards a more peaceful harmonious world through our individual and collective transformation and action.

WHAT :  Globalizm Inc seeks to educate and encourage children and adults alike to live consciously and strive to live to their highest potential through initiatives for personal and collective transformation.

HOW :  With Conscious Evolution towards Collective Excellence being our core mission, we have developed a collaborative process to examine the pressing issues plaguing our world and take direct or indirect action to make an impact and move the needle forward on the evolutionary clock.  Anybody who is concerned about social issues and wants to make a difference may participate.  While the focus is on global topics, the process inherently helps the participants examine their own biases, opinions and tendencies and serves as a means for growing personally into more conscious responsible and compassionate human beings.  The process has evolved organically, and will continue to evolve as we discover new ways to further our mission.

WHEN : NOW!  Now is all there is.  Let’s not wait for others to join us – let’s each one of us be the change, right here, right now, in the smallest way possible.  That adds up and would have already made a difference.

WHO :  Anyone who is or would like to be a Globalite!  Globalites are Individuals who effect change by living with awareness, making conscious choices recognizing the impact they have as an individual, and utilizing their fullest potential to be the best they can be, and doing their part in contributing to the world in a constructive manner.  Sign up on to let us know you are interested.

WHERE :  We are currently limiting participation to Planet Earth (unless those friendly Martians want to join us 🙂 ) !  Globalizm invites people from around the world to participate.  Many of our activities are conducted online as video conferences, or as discussion forums on our website.  So it does not matter where you are!  If you are or wish to be a Globalite – join us!

The HOW Explained in more detail:

THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ  serves as a think tank with a difference – rather than applying pre-conceived notions and opinions, the café encourages a dialogue that is objective and based on careful examination of the selected global topic or social issue to determine the root cause of the issue.   While the dialogue’s sole objective is to gain a deep understanding of the topic, if solutions emerge and there is enough interest to take action, the topic moves over to the GLOBALIZM NOW forum which is designed to collaborate on an action plan and move forward towards launching a direct campaign, or an indirect campaign by partnering with relevant organizations.  The impact is measured and used as input for future NOW topics and campaigns.  Here is a visual explaining how Globalizm Inc strives to make an impact.  As noted before, this process will continue to evolve organically to be effective in carrying out the mission.


For example, most recently we examined the topic of Women Safety in India and around the world at our café via online video conferences, that resulted in a list of possible solutions.  The topic has now moved over the Globalizm NOW forum and will be discussed with the goal of taking direct or indirect action.


HOW does one sign up to participate in THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ and GLOBALIZM NOW Forums?

Join us in helping make a better world for our children.  To join THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ and GLOBALIZM NOW forums please check out the events section and register for an upcoming forum event.

Individually and Collectively, let’s evolve, let’s make a difference!

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Declutter Challenge: Part 2: Starting Trouble & A Zen Moment

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#globalite Arch returns with an update on the declutter challenge, Part 2 that turns out to be more Zen than declutter, or may be they are synonymous? #declutter

When the over gets whelming the whelming gets over… or something like that.

After my Declutter Challenge: Part 1, I was enthusiastic and charged up to get going on my “clotter” which as a reminder means:

Clutter is stuck energy. The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter,” which means to coagulate – and that’s about as stuck as you can get. ~ Karen Kingston

I had set out with some rules:

a) NO RULES!  START RIGHT NOW RIGHT WHERE I AM!  …Baby steps instead of big plans that never pan out
b) NO DEADLINES – those only leave me feeling guilty and hopeless
c) ENLIST SOCIAL MEDIA by blogging about my multi-part declutter effort.

And had taken 3 steps right away:

1. Return things to their designated place after use
2. Automatic Closet Sorting into “Will Wear” and “Will not wear”
3. STOP Random Stuff Accumulation

So far so good.  I have generally kept up keeping up with the 3 first steps.  But beyond that my brain wasn’t getting creative about what to do next, while on the other hand the guilt of not reporting back to you my dear social media was eating me up.  That’s right, you make me feel accountable.

So last week, I did decide to start with what I thought was the easiest – books.  I rolled up my sleeves and walked up to my book shelf expecting to have a pile to give away at the end of the exercise.  But book after book went back into the book shelf.  “Oh, this book, where have you been! I must read you!” and “Hmm… this book is from my favorite author” and “Oh man, I know I won’t read this one, but it’s such a good book.  Let me just keep it”.  I finally had about 2 books and a few magazines that I decided I did not want, and I put them in a bag and headed out.Declutter_Books

I was going to the Little Free Library in my neighborhood – a really cool community concept (read about it at //  and I was quite excited to make my first book contribution to it.











Once I reached the little library, I set my bag down and started making space to shove in the “books I did not want” into the tiny library and leave.  As I pulled out books and rearranged them to make space I noticed something – amidst a smithering of novels were books that seemed to be placed there “for someone” … “Operating Journal – A book of my son’s first year” – surely meant for a mommy to be, “The giant bathroom book of knowledge” – surely for the bathroom sitters :-),  and this one really tugged at my heart: “Alexander, Who’s NOT going to Move” – surely to help a child deal with leaving behind everything they’ve known – their house, yard, friends, neighbors and moving away…











And that was the zen moment  – the realization that when people left books that they probably didn’t want, they were still leaving “books for someone”.  What a difference that shift in perspective made!  I felt ashamed that I had been so stingy about sharing my books and resolved to “bring books for someone” the next time around – books that I’d really like others to read.

It’s funny isn’t it, how we create our tiny circles and become so self-contained in them that we become so selfish and self-serving… but when we start broadening that circle, the walls crumble, our hearts expand, and we embrace not just those who happen to be biologically or psychologically close to us, but all of humanity, and eventually all of life.  There is no division really, just the perception of division, and it is moments like these that give us a glimpse of that undivided oneness that is life.

Despite the slow progress on the original Declutter mission, I guess you could say Part 2 accomplished much more than expected – in that it decluttered my mind and expanded my circle of care and compassion.

See you again soon on this journey.  Until next time…

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Happy Spot

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Do you have a Happy Spot that you can go to at will?  Here’s #globalite Arch’s Happy Spot!

Brow furrowed,
a search for that happy spot
takes me down memory lane
deeper, deeper, until
i see it
brilliant, vivid
the green meadows
that I roll down on
and run breathless
the breeze gushing
against my puffed cheek
i reach the gurgling stream
the inertia takes me across
in one swift jump
i run up the hill now toward
the dense pine forest
enticing with its mysteries deep
the brown forest floor
plush with dry pine leaves
so inviting
I fall plunk!
and burrow
dodging the pine cones
into the warm leaves
piled on my panting stomach
i lie there squinting
at the sun filtering through
the canopy
while my fellow adventurers
run amuck
time is irrelevant
simply joy, happiness
until we tear back
down the hill
across the stream
up the hill again
compelled to stop
to grab the ripe berries
braving the thorny leaves
and then off again
up the hill
back home
we look back and know
we’ll be there again
we’ll go deeper
find new adventures
new stories
more laughter
more fun…
i am refreshed
that one happy spot
so precious
i know not if i’ll
ever feel that joy
that childhood
could give.

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Unique One

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Arch’s take on oneness – connecting the dots between one and oneness. #sundayoneday

You know, you and I are not that different if you think about it.
Peel a few layers and we are exactly the same.
We are life itself.

What then makes us different?
Our experiences based on
our circumstances and the choices we make,
and therefore our abilities.

What is the purpose?
To further life through our abilities.
You see, we are like distributed processing engines of life,
each working autonomously and in union towards the same cause.
We are like intelligent nodes in nature’s big data cloud
running different algorithms, sometimes alone, sometimes in clusters.

What does all this mean?
Our separateness is superficial,
our presence is timeless,
our uniqueness is essential,
our purpose is mutual.

We are unique AND we are one.
Let’s embrace our oneness, celebrate our uniqueness and live up our purpose!

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Declutter Challenge: Part 1: Problem Definition & 3 Baby Steps

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#globalite Arch starts a #declutterchallenge and is enlisting social media (you!) to join her on this challenge.  The goal is to reduce clutter and minimalize over the next several weeks while sharing ideas, tips and camaraderie!   Are you up for the challenge?  Share your ideas in the comments below and join the conversation. #lifestylewednesday #declutter #minimalize

I recently came across a quote that really made me think A LOT.

Clutter is stuck energy. The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter,” which means to coagulate – and that’s about as stuck as you can get. ~ Karen Kingston

Ok now I really had to do something about all my “clotter”! A situation review made my head reel and I decided this was going to be a nonstarter unless I did something different this time compared to all the other times when I had made a weak attempt only to have most of the “clotter” go right back into my closets for one reason or the other.

So here’s what I am going to do differently this time:
a) START RIGHT NOW RIGHT WHERE I AM!  …Baby steps instead of big plans that never pan out
b) NO DEADLINES – those only leave me feeling guilty and hopeless
b) ENLIST SOCIAL MEDIA by blogging about my multi-part declutter effort.

Let’s see how this goes!  But first, a problem definition is in order.

If I think about how someone like me who is not a big shopper can end up accumulating so much stuff, here are the top reasons that come to mind:

  1. Still “solid” clothes that are too good to throw, though I don’t use them anymore
  2. Pants in at least 3 sizes from my changing waistline (just in case I need them again as I don’t get Tall pants easily!)
  3. Winter gear that almost never gets any use in Sunny SoCal
  4. T-shirts! Lots of them that never see daylight.  Collections from walks/runs and woot shirts – used to be a big craze before they were bought by Amazon and stopped using American Apparel shirts (I think they offer them at a premium price now)
  5. Footwear: I buy them quickly whenever I find my size, then end up wearing only one pair while the rest collect dust! (uh oh…did I just squeeze into the ‘girl and her shoes’ stereotype!)
  6. Sentimental: T-shirts, Gifts, Key Chains, plus gifts I bought but haven’t given anyone.
  7. Books – racks full that I’ll never get to.
  8. Kitchen: Food packaging/containers – they are so nicely made that it’s really hard to throw them out. Although I tend to use glassware and hardly any plastic, I still store them up. (I am told this is an Indian thing – oh well!)
  9. Random useless stuff that includes:
  • Folders full of old receipts and mailers – in this digital age when all bills are available online, there is no need to keep these around!
  • Old electronics / routers / wires – pretty much outdated tech.  Also a Wii that is collecting dust.
  • Conference booth freebies – cute lil things that really add up
  • Shopping paper and plastic bags – a whole zoo of them!
  • Packaging boxes – I really admire how well packaging is designed and have a compulsive habit to store all boxes and inserts. At first I think I’ll use them for some DIY craft but all they do is sit in the loft waiting for the DIY time to materialize!

Reading through the list, I feel rather silly for accumulating random useless things because of some intended use and no real purpose. That pretty much sums up the root cause of my “clotter”!

With the problem defined and the list being just under 10, it suddenly seems more manageable! May be this time I’ll actually get through it!

Now for the baby steps that I am going to do start with right away:

1. Return things to their designated place after useAPlaceForEverything

This is not new. This was a habit Mom insisted on when we were kids – all items needed to have their own place and had to return to their places as soon as we were done using them. If things lay around, all hell would break loose until they went back to their place. While I follow this by the force of habit, I have become a bit lapse. Starting right now, I am going to pick up the 5-6 things I see around me that need to go back to their place.

2. Automatic Closet Sorting into “Will Wear” and “Will not wear”Auto-Sorted Closet

I have a tendency to wear the same clothes over and over leaving 80% of my closet untouched. To change this, I decided a couple of weeks back that I would never repeat clothes and hang the ones worn already on one side of the closet. Initially it seemed meaningless as I tended to pick clothes I wore often and put them away on the “worn” side. In less than 2 weeks it was becoming harder to find clothes on the “to be worn” side – they were either not the right size, were faded or worn out, or unsuitable for the season. I am still at it and I think in about 2 weeks’ time, my closet will be more or less sorted into “will wear” and “will not wear” and then giving away the “will not wear” will be easy!  (I must add that even as I write this, I realize the excesses in our lives when there are people without even one additional set of clothes.  This endeavor is as much about being more conscious and embracing simplicity as it is about the tactical space decluttering.)

3. STOP Random Stuff AccumulationRecycle Immediately

Probably the biggest first step is to stop adding to the existing clutter – any new packaging that comes in goes straight to the recycle bin, same thing with kitchen disposable containers, plastic bags. No buying clothes or shoes until the “will not wear” half of the closet is empty.

In fact, there is probably no need for any more clothes/shoes – I long to be a minimalist one day!

Ok I think 3 steps are plenty to follow for the next week. I’ll report back next #lifestylewednesday on how my Declutter Challenge is going, and some more ideas on getting rid of my “clotter”. Of course my dear social media peeps, you can come to my rescue and give me some tips and ideas on how I can succeed in this challenge!  And if you feel so inclined, join me and let’s declutter together!

Until next week!


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String Theory in a Nutshell! (Infographic)

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String theory sounds really simple until you try to really understand it and then you feel completely lost! This infographic is #globalite Arch’s attempt to explain it as simply as possible. #scifriday


by Arch

Conscious Living Tips & Ideas #11

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Globalites share their one habit or practice to live consciously every day.

Arch’s daily habit to live consciously:

This is a habit I recently picked up from #globalite Zach.  Before beginning a meal, think about the source of the food and take a moment to thank all the beings and circumstances that were involved in making this plate of food – from the plants, to the farmers, to the harvesters, to the packagers, to the delivery, and so on.   This simple awareness makes me feel overwhelmed and appreciative of the meal I am about to have.