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There is no need to explain the importance of Passover and how important it is to celebrate this day. Passover is clearly the most popular and loved Holiday in the Jewish calendar. Most people celebrate this amazing holiday with their family and friends. But if you want to follow the new trend of vacationing on holidays, then you can travel during Passover to an exciting new destination. All you need to do is choose the right Passover programs offered by a Jewish web portal and you are all set.

But before you set out on your Passover vacation, here are a few tips to make your vacation and celebration of this day wonderful.

• When you are travelling to a new location during Passover, it would be wise to carry the contact of the local Chabad center. Based on your needs, you can contact the Chabad center for prayer timings, communal Seder (some call it Sedar), or just a Jewish emergency.

• Don’t forget to carry your handmade Shmurah matzah with you. Your hotel may or may not provide matzah during a Sedar. So, having it brought from home would be a good idea.

• Always do your research and make sure that the hotel or resort you are staying at provides Kosher Dubai food for Passover.

• Make sure to sell your Chametz through a local rabbi at your vacation destination.

• You can use your hotel room to search for a Chametz to sell through your local rabbi.

Now, you might think that keeping these points and carrying these and other Jewish bearings during the vacation can be difficult. But what if we told you that there is a web portal that has considered all these points and has brought the best Passover vacation programs? Yes, that’s right!

Totally Jewish Travel is one of the very select few web portals that bring Kosher Dubai vacation programs for the Passover holiday. This portal has taken into consideration the Jewish requirements of this holiday and curated vacation programs so that you can have the best times. With Totally Jewish Travel, you can travel anywhere around the world during this holiday. Whether you want to travel to any destination in Asia, Europe, Africa, South, or North America, this web portal has got you covered. They have a list of Kosher Restaurant Dubai, hotels, vacation rentals, and synagogues for your convenience. So, a holiday with Totally Jewish Travel on Passover.

About Totally Jewish Travel:

Totally Jewish Travel is a web portal that offers the best Passover programs 2021 for an excellent holiday experience.

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