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Engineer by profession and writer at heart. I was setting up a website as a space to collect and share all my writings but my mind tends to wander…So one night while working on the website a manicou at my gate distracted me and inspired me to write & produce a children's theatre production- 'Me Eat Manicou?' instead! It was a tale that incorporated my love for animals, the forest and all things magical! Later on I wandered back to blogging to praise a coffee that is native to my country of Trinidad and Tobago-Hong Wing. Then a man decided to light a candle4tibet and I joined in with deeyas too! I've been a blogger ever since. My blogs chronicle my life's journey as a whole with topics covering almost any aspect of it. However you will often find posts about my exploration of sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and all things metaphysical but most importantly my exploration of this thing I call UCP-Universal Collective Prayer! So let the Purple Elephant and Little Mouse be your guide as you read our tales! ;)


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