Life Entwined (Poem)

I was honored to be asked to share poems to encourage participation in the goals and mission of Globalizm. I asked myself, “what makes us care about each other in this world?” My answer: “when we remember our humanity and that we are more alike than different, we will care.” When we forget this commonality, we become sidetracked with the details of our busy lives – it’s human nature! However, I believe the smallest gestures of kindness will right our paths.

I hope my poem, “Life Entwined,” reflects our desire to care about each other as well as our human frailty and ability to “look away”.  I encourage you to consider and participate in all of the ways in which Globalizm is trying to make our world a better place!

Life Entwined

Our lives entwined

from source, not place,

from common skin, all colors,

and common bones to bear our weight

and from those skin and bones

we all escape,

some early, some late.

Together our ashes join the breeze

to blind our eyes

to differences among us

and beckon our hearts

to beat as one.


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