Nothing dies except illusions

A relationship implodes, success is taken away suddenly, health deteriorates unexpectedly. And for whatever reason, we begin to turn towards the crushing disappointment, to hold ourselves so tenderly in this time of great uncertainty. And deep in the heart of our disappointment we discover not the loss of anything real, but the loss of a dream of ‘how life was going to be’; not the loss of anything essential, but the dissolution of conceptual foundations – weak, unstable, shaky foundations on which we had attempted to build a ‘real’ life! And so we allow the old dreams to die, the old forms to collapse, and we grieve over our shattered expectations. Our expectations, for a while, had provided comfort, and we had dwelt in blissful unawareness. But ours is not a path of comfort, friends, it is a path of Truth! Truth often comes not with a smile, but with a sword, and without warning. We do not turn away as the illusion dies. We do not turn away. This is Trust. – Jeff Foster

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