To Dance

The choice to dance was not mine. It was as if I had no choice. To not attend daily ballet class was impossible. The courage to pursue a dream to become a ballet dancer never felt courageous as there seemed to me no other alternative but to dance.

During the 60’ and 70’s a unique era of ballet was present in the United States. I was most fortunate to dance during this time. The art of classical ballet was much more socially accepted; In comparison to today, many aspects of classical ballet training or the life of a ballet dancer are misunderstood and rejected.

The intricate refinement of art and unique expressiveness of the individual was most valued bringing a depth and authenticity to the dancer’s work. In performance what mattered over the height of a jump was the artistic effect performed behind the movement. This atmosphere of honest expressiveness of the soul combined with discipline of the body gave way to a magical quality in class and rehearsal.

I am truly grateful to have danced during such a extraordinary time!

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