Travel Quiz #2

Scroll down for answers to Travel Quiz #2

Its #travelthursday and here’s Travel Quiz #2 !!
Here are 5 pictures from around the world.  Can you identify them along with location?
Submit your answers in the comment section below.  Let’s see who knows all five.  Go!
(p.s. no googling but asking other humans allowed!)



#1 Name this bridge and the city



#2 This Flying White House, tail number 27000, served seven U.S Presidents from 1973 to 2001.  Where is it hanging out now?



#3 What is the name of this castle?



#4 Name this temple and where it is located



#5 What is the name of this structure?  Do you know where these are found?



Answers to Travel Quiz #2

#1 Charles Bridge in Prague (Read more…)

#2 Air Force One Pavilion at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library (Read more…)

#3 Karlštejn Castle in Czech Republic (Read more…)

#4 Vadakkunnathan Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva in the city of Thrissur of Kerala state in India. The world famous Thrissur Pooram is held on the grounds around this Temple. (Read more,,,)

#5 The popular Santa Monica Pier near Los Angeles, USA (Read more…)

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