Why we should be thankful

I was sitting at the Ayurvedic clinic after consultation waiting to get my medicines prepared by the doctor.  I gazed out through the glass door at the hot sun. People were busy driving fast, walking fast, cycling fast, or going somewhere in auto-rickshaws. I thought, how busy people are.

Meanwhile I saw an old woman with wrinkled skin, eyes lifeless and face in gloom.  Her fingers were twisted like a mini doughnut, almost curved round.  She seemed uneducated.  She was watching the person at the pharmacy counter.  I wondered if she was hungry and was expecting some thing to eat thinking this was a shop and not knowing this was a clinic.  Once she realized it was not a shop where eatables are sold she started walking away very slowly.

By then I had received my medicines and stepped outside the clinic.  She did not beg for anything. May be she did not want to ask a person who was coming out of a clinic and probably sick.  But the moment she saw me get into our car, I do not know how she picked up the speed, but she started walking fast and before my husband started the car she was already there at his window.  As though my husband had read my mind of wanting to give her something, he already had taken a few  rupee coins and had them in his hand and he gave it to her when she stretched her hand.  She peeped in looked at me and smiled.  Oh my God!  What a cheer in that old face!  I thanked God for blessing me with better health and status in my life and that unless I could help the needy, there was no point in having all these blessings.

We should thank God for every moment we live and utilize it to serve and help the needy and the deserving.  That makes our life meaningful.  I opened my home with satisfaction that my outing had had some meaning.

[Image Source: India’s Children ]

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