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Globalizm.org is a platform for sharing stories of personal transformation and action by people who are striving to be the change they wish to see in the world.  To become a contributor, you must agree to the following terms.     These terms and guidelines are meant to help ensure relevant and high quality content that serves to build a community of responsible and conscious global citizens.

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Please read carefully and click on the button to submit your request.  All requests will be reviewed within 24 hours and a site administrator will get back to you.

  1. Original Content:  Contributors may share their personal stories or thoughts on topics that matter to them.  The posts must be original and not a reposting from elsewhere unless it is from your own personal blog.  No copyrighted material or media (e.g. photos, videos) may be included in your posts.  If your post includes any quotes or excerpts from other articles, you must include a link to the original source along with due attribution to the original author.  
  2. Respectful Content:  Globalizm aims at being a place where all people from around the globe feel welcome.  So while you are welcome to express your honest and passionate thoughts, before submiting your post please ask yourself if what you have to say is true, if it is necessary, and if it is kind.  Promote what you love, there is no room for hate!
  3. No Promotional Material:  Posts and Stories may not include any promotional content like personal websites, books, facebook accounts etc.  Such information may be included in the profile bio box.  See #4 below.
  4. Profile Information: Contributors must update their profile bio with a picture and a few sentences about themselves.  The profile bio will be displayed at the bottom of your posts in the  “About the Author” section.   As we do not compensate for posts, we are happy to allow contributors to include their website, book, social media pages etc. in their profile bio.
  5. Post Moderation: All posts will go through a review process before being published.  As a part of the review, posts will be checked for accuracy and may be edited to include include titles, images for visual appeal to suit the website.  If we feel that the content or tone needs adjusting to be suitable for publication on Globalizm.org, we will contact you and work through the edits with you.
  6. Ownership and republication rights:  By posting on Globalizm.org you agree that your posts in part or whole may be published in Globalizm newsletters,  e-magazines, print magazines or partner sites that have obtained the permission of Globalizm.org to republish the material.  Due acknowledgement to contributors and authors will be included in such publications.  Do not include any content that you do not wish to share in this manner in your posts.  Contributors of course always retain the right to publish their own articles on their personal blogs or social media pages.
  7. Membership: I understand that my membership may be reviewed and/or discontinued if I deviate from any of the terms, guidelines or the spirit of Globalizm.org.

As a contributor, you will have the unique opportunity to motivate and inspire a large group of people across the globe through your personal stories of being the change.  In addition you will be able to learn and connect with like minded people.  By submitting this form you are on your way to being plugged into a global community that will work towards reshaping the world into one of collective excellence through conscious evolution!


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