The Power of Music

#globalite Chandini is mesmerized by the #musicofnature and goes on to analyze the power of music in keeping traditions, learning, sharing emotions, spirituality and unity. #musicofnature #natureofmusic #sundayoneday Read More

Unique One

Arch’s take on oneness – connecting the dots between one and oneness. #sundayoneday You know, you and I are not that different if you think about it. Peel a Read More

Defining Oneness

Harold muses over definition of oneness.  What does oneness mean to you?  #sundayoneday Oneness has many meanings. It means different things to different people. There is not much Read More

Religion and humanity

Perinjery narrates an incident that led him to reflect on how #religion contributed to the #oneness of humanity by transcending differences especially when it comes to serving those in need. #unityindiversity #sundayoneday Read More

One Plus One Equals?

#globalite Chandini is inspired by nature when she ponders about the significance of numbers #sundayoneday I was reading The Bhagavad Gita with reference to Rigveda last night.  The author of Sankhya Read More