Eat for a Cause Fundraiser

#globalite Joselyn is a middle schooler who is volunteering for Globalizm as fundraising manager.  She’s putting fun back into fundraising with this fun idea!  Eat for a cause Read More


It’s again about the nature of energies that I’m going to talk about.Yet another emphasis about the importance of positive energy. But I felt it was important to Read More

Globalizm – Evolution Update!

Here’s a quick update on the organic crystallization of our vision, the major milestones along the way and what we are working on currently. Precursor (how it all started): 30-Jan (2010) Read More

IT’s Globalization

#globalite Sagana’s poignant post on the changing workplace due to globalization, working in virtual distributed teams Why can’t Corporate and Personal interactions be together? Having grown up with Read More