Life Style

Declutterring my Bookshelf

 inspired by #globalite Arch’s posts on #decluttering, #globalite Atticus got a-decluttering today and took on his bookshelf! I periodically check my bookshelf and pack off some books to the Read More

Life to re-live now

#globalite Chandini reminisces about her childhood and points out how we get consumed in responsibilities as we grow up that we forget our child like carefree nature and our Read More

Happy Spot

Do you have a Happy Spot that you can go to at will?  Here’s #globalite Arch’s Happy Spot! Brow furrowed, a search for that happy spot takes me down Read More

Kindness in Action

Kindness in Action I’m not anti-suffering. I’m not anti-violence. I’m not anti-meat. I stand for something, not against it. I stand for Love. I stand for peace. I Read More