Are you leaving behind a generation that will make the world a better place?

We spend a lot of time on our contribution to the world and of those around us. How often do you think about your contribution to the future generation? Are we setting the stage for a life eons better than the one we live?

Today, I felt a simple and pure sense of accomplishment.

My teenage daughter (14 years) is a counselor in training at the summer camp she attends. She was playing with a 5 year old in the morning. This child asked my daughter to look for her at end of day. My daughter remembers & finds her at the end of the day .

The child says “This is all I have, I want you to have it because you are my favorite” and gives her a quarter. My daughter responds with all the appropriate awwww words and gives it back to her saying “come to the snack shop tomorrow, I will be working there”.

Taking care, showing affection independent of relationship, remembering- no matter how small the promise, giving, caring, is thriving in the next generation.

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