Globalites United!’s Docs NOW Projects Summit : June 13 2015

Date: Jun 13th 2015

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Topic:  Projects Summit

– Introductions
– Project Needs in brief
– Collaborating on projects


Video Replay Links:

Key Points Discussed:

1. Introductions:

Social Media Managers: Nathan, Mikayla
Graphics Designers: Adam, Lokhin
Fundraising Manager: Joselyn (is working on an “Eat for a Cause” fundraiser)
Project ROOT Members: Rajee, Suresh, Kavitha
Project DIL SE Members: Sastha, Jayanthi
Project HAPPY FEET Members: Jayanthi, Arch
Project VET Members, Arch, Joselyn
Globalite Cafe Members: Harold, Bala, Karthik (plus others listed above and anyone else who wants to join)

2. How we will collaborate:

a) Use website forums (we have buddypress which is similar to facebook).  (Arch has now created a group called “Globalites United” for this purpose)

b) Use team pages – discussion section for project specific discussions (Click on “Teams Now” tab on the website, then select project, scroll to the bottom for the discussions section.  You can subscribe for comments by email and reply to comments by email)

3. Project ROOT Needs

a) The goal of the project is to run awareness campaigns for children to instill in them the values of treating women equally and respecting them as a person.  While we are starting with women safety, the project could extend to other areas beyond this.

b) First need is to crowdsource campaign ideas – what messages can we convey to children to instill these values?  (Rajee/Adam/Nathan/Lokhin to collaborate to come up with messaging)

c) Once campaign messages are decided, we would need to create and launch the campaign.

4. Next Steps:
Use Project Pages to discuss project tasks
Use Globalites United for general discussions
Next Projects Summit will be in September (quarterly)

(Feel free to edit and update this doc to add key points)

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