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Date(s) - 07/16/2015
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (Pacific Time)

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(New: Drop in a comment below to share your perspective ahead of the dialogue)

The July 2015 gathering will be an online video conference
on Thursday, Jul 16th, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (Pacific Time)

(the 3rd Thursday of the month).


‘Cogito ergo sum’ – ‘I think, therefore I am’
The July dialogue will examine this is a philosophical proposition by René Descartes
(Our dialogue topics are aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the world as we know it)

Background & Prep:

The topic was proposed by Globalite Nathan Snyder as a follow up on our last topic “What is reality?” and he has provided the following as two potential viewpoints on this statement to get the dialogue started.  (Drop in a comment below if you’d like to share your perspective ahead of the dialogue date)

In general, it means that our existence is authentic because we have the ability to develop thoughts and come to conclusions on topics that we choose. Our thoughts aren’t predetermined, (although our thought processes have been shaped by experiences, but why are we thinking what we are thinking?) and we have the freedom to manipulate them as we feel fit. Our existence is defined through our perceptions and thought processes. Instead of a literal translation, I think it’s more of a statement on who we are while operating under the illusion of self. The way we think is who we are. I think (the way I do) therefore I am (who I am).
Counter Argument
If we try to define reality, and label it authentic, then our definition of reality exists in the reality it tries to define, which leads to a contradiction. Of course, assuming thoughts are real which is what is being said in the quote… There is also the issue of a first person perspective. The structure of consciousness, the fact that we talk of the conscious act as a presentation, certainly implies that the act is structured around a first person perspective. A radical skeptic might insist that there is no real first person perspective, only an appearance of one. The existence of a first person viewpoint, in and of itself a kind of minimal constituted self, since the first person perspective implies that there is someone who is having the current experience, even if it doesn’t necessarily give that self any other attributes.

(Note: This is not a for or against type debate and there may be additional perspectives to this topic.)

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What is the purpose of THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ? To have a dialogue on global topics in a quest for the Truth of the matter. To allow solutions to emerge (if they do) from that position of clarity. To experiment with Truth.

What is the nature of the dialogue? There is no leader or moderator. You may submit topics for discussion by sending an email to Topics will be put up for a vote before or at the start of the dialogue. We may go through more than one topic if the group so wishes.

Some Suggestions on the Nature of Dialogue from the Krishnamurti Foundation of America: * Dialogue starts from a willingness to be tentative about what you know * The focus of dialogue is on what is rather than on ideas and opinions * You can participate by verbally or silently sharing perceptions * Dialogue is letting the issue unfold in affection and mutual respect * When a reaction arises, neither suppress it nor defend it, but suspend it in the mind and in the group, keeping it constantly available for observation and questioning * Dialogue is being together and seeing together in an unfolding relationship

What is the difference between a dialogue and a discussion/debate?

Source: The dialogue Handbook


Why participate?

* To go beyond opinions, biases, judgements, theories, and learn to look at what is.  While the topics hover around global issues, the process of dialogue tends to be about raising our own awareness.  And awareness in turn often leads to conscious evolution, towards collective excellence of humanity * While the dialogue will not start out with a set goal, if solutions emerge organically, we shall strive to take them forward and implement them in tangible ways

How do I join the video conference?

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: Click here Note:  This meeting requires a password.  Please RSVP to receive the password.



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