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    Hello Globalites!

    What topics would you like to discuss at our online session of THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ on November 5th 8pm? Here are the topics received so far. Send your topics to

    1. How do we get schools, colleges and universities to discuss alternatives to the almost inevitable confrontational and violent reactions to situations when people disagree with us strongly?

    2. When we see violent war situations on television, is there anything constructive that individuals can do to avoid the normal violent reaction against the perpetrators?

    3. What can we learn from Tolstoy, Gandhi. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela (after he was in prison) who proposed civil disobedience and non-violence to reach solutions?

    4. Do people wishing to take part in demonstrations and marches need to train in non-violence and methods to mitigate the force applied by those in authority?

    5. What is Truth? Is there an absolute Truth? What is Logic? Can there be only one truly logical outcome?

    6. Over 4500 people have died due to Ebola in West Africa. There are 3500 Ebola orphans and the number is growing. What if anything can we do to prepare for such catastrophes? Can technology be put to good use to alert and contain the damage in such situations?

    7. Knowing what we do as adults, what in your view are one or two important lessons children(ages 5-15) should be exposed to/taught before they face the world?

    To register for the event, please visit: