Little Inspirations

Zach is inspired by this video of one man who is making a difference in a unique way.

Often we see the problems that overwhelm us in the world. Huge, massive, systemic problems. Our hearts break, tears run, and then … well, we walk away.

It’s too much. Too big. What can one person do about it?

Truth is, one person can’t do much about those problems. One person probably cannot end the violence between Palestine and Israel, or bring peace to Iraq, or maybe even heal the community of Ferguson, MO.

However, one person has incredible power to change and inspire their community. Little small acts of uplift send ripples all around. Small tiny acts make huge differences in individual lives. It is this we are called to do everyday.

This video is a shining example of a very small act that can inspire many. I have been forever inspired after coming across this video today. May you feel it’s power.

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