Minna Unchi

Sunday is oneness day here at Globalizm!  We will be sharing stories and life lessons of kindness, compassion and unity.  We kick off our first #onenesssunday with a somewhat humorous post, that is actually quite profound if you think about it.

The word Oneness triggers a lot of reaction ranging from “oh its too new age” to “do you mean communism” to “what are you talking about – the only one is me!” .. and so on.  Well there is ONE thing that is undeniably unifying of all species. Any guesses?  There is even a book about it!

Taro Gami, a Japanese author wrote a book in 1977 called  “Minna Unchi” in Japan published by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers Inc.  Minna Unchi means “Everyone Poops”! 🙂

Here’s a book reading – a really fun way to think about Oneness isn’t it!

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