Sheep Flock into a Store

A funny video with a message shared by #globalite Chandini  #mindfulmonday #consciousliving

A sheep saw his own image in a mirror in the glass of a shop window and went into the shop.  All the other sheep followed and soon the store was full of sheep!  No one could do anything to get them out.  Meanwhile the shepherd entered in and caught hold of one of the sheep and started walking towards the entrance .Seeing this all other sheep also followed and all got out safe though it was reported that the loss was to the tune of $6000.

Though it was fun to watch this is exactly what it is like when people follow some one blindly.  And hence the proverb not to be like sheep falling into the well or off the cliff following the first one.  Humans are gifted with the power to discriminate and we have to exercise the same to make our best choice.

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