10 Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

Chandini always has a stash of tips and ideas on living in an ecofriendly manner.  This time she shares tips she picked up from her great grand-mother from the early 1900s!

I picked up these tips from my great grand mother who lived during the early 1900s during the British rule in India.  I mention that for context as some of the ingredients mentioned below were not grown locally, and were brought into the country by the British.  And that these are time tested close to a century!

BeautyTip #1: If you apply rose water on your face before any make up, you will look fresh through out the day.EcoBeauty_Rosewater
BeautyTip #2: If you make a paste of fresh hibiscus leaves and apply on your scalp and wash your hair will be silky and healthy.EcoBeauty_HibiscusLeaf
BeautyTip #3: If you rinse your hair with tea decoction as final rinse your hair will look voluminous.EcoBeauty_TeaDecoction
BeautyTip #4: if you apply a drop of castor oil to your eye lashes and eye brows before retiring to bed, they will grow well and look beautiful.EcoBeauty_Castor Oil
BeautyTip #5: If you use banana mashed pulp as a face pack your skin will shine.EcoBeauty_banana
BeautyTip #6: By applying papaya mashed pulp to your feet any crack will vanish. Papaya is a good face pack as well.EcoBeauty_Papaya
BeautyTip #7: If you cut pineapple and ginger pieces and soak it in water, keep well closed and extract the juice alone and drink in an empty stomach the next morning, fat belly will gradually reduce in due course.EcoBeauty_Pineapple EcoBeauty_ginger
BeautyTip #8: Add a little soda bicarbonate and a pinch of salt to strawberry pulp and brush your teeth at night with this paste. Teeth will become stain-free and white.EcoBeauty_StrawberryEcoTip_Salt
BeautyTip #9: If you rub your scalp with onion juice mixed with a little ginger juice hair will grow well and dandruff will vanish.EcoBeauty_onion
BeautyTip #10: Apply a mixture of quarter teaspoon of castor oil mixed with a pinch of salt and two pinches of turmeric powder under your eyes to get rid of the black circles under eyes.


[Image Credit: Sastha Prakash]

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