Toxin-Free Life Series: Part 2: Eco-Friendly Soap nuts for Laundry

This is a continuation of my Toxin-Free Living series where I share my experience from my attempts to live a toxins free life.  Read Part 1 to know more about my motivation to do so.

I started using Soap Nut berries for Laundry and for the very first time I felt no residue in the clothes that came out of washer.  The wet clothes reminded me of my Grandma’s hand wash in the 1980s in a South Indian village using a soap bar that never made soap bubbles. They were farmers, imagine how dirty their clothes got.

Would the soap nuts give me a clean wash?  Even if they did not, I was ready to have a little dirt on the clothes rather than some toxic residue which the body cannot absorb.  But I found out that the soap nut berries did do a clean wash.  So far, I am happy with my experience using Soap Nut berries.

Soapnuts_WhitebgSome info on the soap nuts:

With Soap nuts no fabric softener is needed, as it softens the clothes. So we just need to throw 4 to 5 berries in a bag into the washer. That’s all.  We can reuse the berries until it disintegrates. Organic Soap nut berries are available on Amazon for 10$ (claims 100 loads). They are also available in some other online stores.

I came across a blog that has good information on soap nuts.  You can read it by clicking here.  Here’s another great article by Tips Bulletin.




[Image Credits: Sastha Prakash]


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