Toxin-Free Life Series: Part 1: My steps to a toxin free life

I love nature and I have always had this thought in my mind to be eco-friendly and have been supportive to eco friendly life here and there, but I never went into it seriously until recently I got that motivation. We all have inspiring thoughts to come and go but not until we get the motivation, the driving force to actually do it, our thoughts are just going to stay as thoughts.

My motivation came from my son. It’s a mom’s attempt to get her child the healthy life of her dreams. I kept getting frustrated about the steady increase of people suffering with chronic diseases every year and how it is going to rise at an alarming rate in the coming years. I could not stand anybody making it a casual discussion about how a 2 year old got type 2 diabetes or a 5 year old getting a chemo for cancer. When did cancer become a common disease? I decided I have to do something about it. I have to do everything that are in my control to get my family a healthy life and leave the rest to the world we are living in.

There are 2 types of fears said in Buddhism. The fear about something that you cannot do anything about it.This type of fear is not helpful and it brings anxiety. The second type of fear is something that leads us to take some actions. I remember this guidance every time I stop and question myself, am I going too much into this, when the rest of my world appears to be casual about it?. Remembering this, helps me to hold my position. “I want to do something about it”.

So that’s how it started for me and I am in my early steps into my toxic free life, but I already feel good about the changes I have brought into our life. Thanks to my dear husband who is supporting and understanding the subject and my concerns and helping me and letting me bring changes into our lives. Also, I am happy to write my experience in this forum, Thanks to the creators for giving me the opportunity. In my next blogs, I will start writing about what I did and how I did and what was the difficulty I faced with the changes.

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