Remembering Harold

Harold Walker (1933 – 2019) was board member and mentor at Globalizm Inc., and an enthusiastic participant at our Globalite Cafe video meetups to discuss humanitarian topics. Harold insisted that we see must see things as they are, without being clouded by our unconscious biases. Interactions with him were always enriched by the vast research he had done into theosophy, philosophy, and through translating and reading Sanskrit Vedic and Buddhist texts. He always had interesting stories to tell from his very interesting life. He was also an entrepreneur and pioneered surfboard blank business. Here are a few Harold Walker Stories he shared on

Harold also introduced his lovely and talented daughter Aubrey to Globalizm. Aubrey would like to share the following thoughts with us today:

My father possessed so many character traits I aspire to emulate. For this remembrance I think best to choose one. Father’s frank honesty I often reflect on with admiration. Through his truthful expression of heart and intellect, a freedom of expression and closeness of spirit would come upon me bringing laughter and profound closeness. This honesty allowed for relationships to go beyond the superficial and reach below the surface of a person’s heart bringing much joy. For this among many other qualities my father bestowed upon me I am truly grateful.

In loving memory,
Daughter Aubrey


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