Globalizm – Evolution Update!

Here’s a quick update on the organic crystallization of our vision, the major milestones along the way and what we are working on currently.

Precursor (how it all started):
30-Jan (2010) The discovery of a Gandhian website triggers the thinking about spreading the message of Nonviolence
30-Aug (2010) created to promote the Pledge of Nonviolence
02-Oct (2010) Launch of the Annual International Day of Nonviolence observation in 50 cities around the world
Launch of the International Day of Nonviolence Facebook Page
30-Jan (2013) Globalizm “Conscious Evolution Collective Excellence Conceptualized
 Official Launch and Later:
05-Jul (2014) Official launch:  Globalizm Website and Facebook page launched with Globalites share inspiring stories of personal transformation, action, service
14-Oct (2014) Globalizm Inc registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of California, USA
Board of directors formed – Harold Walker and Jayanthi Krishnan join the board
27-Jan (2015) 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Certification for federal tax exemption in the US received
25-Sep (2015) Globalizm Wells Fargo Checking/Savings Account created
Team Building Think Tank Discussion Forum on FB
Volunteer Recruitment through
Trello Collaboration board
Half yearly newsletter in June & December
05-Nov (2014) Dialogue forum “THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ” online video conference launched to examine global topics and social issues
 10-JAN (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bharath] Women safety in India
27-Jan (2015) 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Certification for federal tax exemption in the US received
21-Feb (2015) Action forum “GLOBALIZM NOW” launched to take action and make a positive impact towards resolving social issues
10-APR (2015) – 31-JUL (2015) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Jayanthi] Project Happy Feet – Jayanthi read about an initiative called “Shoes that Grow” on her facebook newsfeed, and unlike many who had moved on to the next news byte, decided to take action.  She initiated this project and helped raise $915 towards 100 Shoes.
11-APR (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Arch] Children and Conditioning
25-APR (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bala] Looking – Part 1
16-MAY 2015 [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Sastha] Parenting and Perception
25-MAY (2015) – 08-AUG-2015 [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Sastha] Project Dil Se – Sastha in his many travels came upon a children’s home run by a Gandhian at Madurai, India.  The children were sleeping on mats on the floor.  With the monsoons coming soon, Sastha was moved enough to initiate this project to provide bunkbeds and mattresses for the children.  The project was successfully funded with Rs. 47,500 for 5 bunkbeds.
01-JUN (2015) – 30-JUN (2015) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Arch] Project Vet – Inspired by 85 year old Mr. Vern Frary who was standing on a street with a sign “VET needs work”.  We started contacting agencies for work and provided Mr. Frary with a $100 donation, but his health deteriorated and he passed away a week before July 4th.  When we met him at the nursing home, and asked him what it was he needed, he said, all he needed was a friend, and a job.  He will remain our inspiration to reach out and help.
04-JUN (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bala] Looking – Part 2
18-JUN (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Harold] What is reality?
16-JUL (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Nathan] I Think, Therefore I Am
03-SEP (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Aubrey] The fine line of intellect/thought from emotion/feelings
01-MAR (2015) – Present [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Rajee/Arch] Project Root – Identifying the root cause of societal issues like women abuse lead Rajee to creating Project Root to reach out to children, to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

[16-MAY (2015)] Sastha initiated a parenting quiz at a Globalite Cafe session to identify the primary factors that have the greatest influence in the upbringing and molding of an individual. This resulted in developing a “Globalizm Pyramid of Conditioning” framework that helps an individual become aware of one’s own conditioning. A Globalizm whitepaper with the survey results and the pyramid of conditioning is planned.

[08-Nov (2015)] Project Root aligned well with a Children’s Workshop that Arch had been conducting.  The workshop has become the vehicle to take this initiative forward. The Globalizm team under the leadership of Jameel and Morgan conducted its first workshop at the CRY Walk 2015 on 08-Nov-2015 with plans to conduct workshops in multiple locations in the coming months.

19-NOV (2015) [THE GLOBALITÉ CAFÉ][Globalite Bala] Is memory reliable?
 17-DEC (2015)  Annual General Body Meeting
 2016-2017 Discussions about a partnership with Ashford university based in San Diego on a service learning capstone online project for their students where their students work on Globalizm projects for 5 weeks as part of their Bachelors in Human Services leadership. Arch – Founder/President of and Dr. Michael Wueste, Program Chair/Professor: College of Health, Human Services and Science at Ashford University co-presented the concept at the Ashford Teaching and Learning Conference on 01 Nov 2016. The project was not implemented due to approval government changes and Dept of Education approval delays.
 26-JAN (2018) We are sad to lose our dear Sastha Prakash, volunteer photographer and website admin.
 01-JAN (2019) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Prabu] Project One Tree Planted Following the Australian Fire, globalites decided to fundraise for One Tree Planted to help redevelop forests.
 17-FEB (2019)  Our dear board member and surf board pioneer Harold Walker left for his heavenly abode. He was 86 years old.
 2019 – 2020 [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Arch] Dhyana Chakram Meditation Labyrinth is a peace and mindfulness initiative by Globalizm Inc. to create physical spaces for people to slow down and center themselves amidst their busy and digital lives. The first such labyrinth was inaugurated in Coimbatore, India on 19 Dec 2019.
 02-FEB (2022) [Globalizm NOW][Globalite Arch] Project Adivasi to support Vidyodaya Adivasi Schools in Gudalur, India to enable education using indigenous methods.

And we continue to evolve!

To learn more about The Globalite Cafe and the Globalizm NOW forums please click here and check out the events section to register for an upcoming event.

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