Somebody Cares

Dear Globalites, we, this small group of us here is a sampling of humanity – a sampling of how much we can do through individual and collective action.  Little things add up, so let’s make it count.
Here’s a message from Katherine Cheshire, Founder of “Touch the Earth” Foundation and a Hopi Native American leader, that expresses it beautifully.
I seem to be counselling far to many people with ideas of “suicide”. Some of them Elders, Some elders dealing with children or grandchildren with these negative thoughts and patterns. WE are beyond thinking it is a natural way of life on mother earth.
The reasons and circumstance as varied as the star nations. At some point we all need to find that “north star home”. In my youth I recall speaking of these thoughts to one of my many mentors___ My Statement was “What is the Use Nobody Cares”. I was musing over the current affairs of the time the lack of love and compassion in the world. He turned on his heals, like the Quarter Back he was and threw the ball back at me with this thought and he asked this question, ” Do You Care?” meekly I said yes then booming-ly he says “Then SOMEBODY CARES”.
Do you understand what is going on and see how you can help the situation from the roots up and not “ego”? Then if you have the Understanding you have the responsibility to be that somebody that cares. Right back to Grand mother Carolyn in Hopi land “Its really hard to work with love, people will not accept you, they will misunderstand you and even some times on purpose” but you must keep at it constantly praying to the creator for it is only then your prayers will be answered.” Thoughts of love and prayers for all the other Somebodies that care.
Your Hopi Sister Always, dee see mana, Love Katherine

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