The Cutting Edge of Life!

Folks..I don’t know if you realize – WE are the cutting edge of life!  Yes, WE – you and me – are the newest life ever, we are brand new!  What we are is the sum collective of all life there has ever been.  And what we know today is the sum collective of all life has ever known and all life has ever done.  Every figment of life – every life form played some role -big or small or teeny weeny, in the sum total.  And every figment of life today – each one of us – whatever role we play, big small or teeny weeny will add to it in this continuum.

And so, it matters what each one of us, the newest life there is, does, no matter how big, how small or teeny weeny. And when we do it with this zoomed out perspective – the big picture, there is no attachment, there is no Me-ness, there remains just the essence of our existence, the fragrance.

So there – We are – YOU are the cutting edge of life!  We are all life’s got – we’ve got! Let’s get moving, give it all we’ve got and be the best we can be !!

And that’s what being a Globalite @ Globalizm is all about.

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