The boomerang of life

Every coin has two sides.

Everything in life is a boomerang. From the smallest things to the biggest things. No matter what we do, it (or its fruits) comes back. Whatever life gives us is never out of the blow, when we ponder deeply. Be it love, rejection, dejection, good deeds, bad deeds, positive energy, negative energy – it all returns!

When good things return, we do not realise it. We don’t or can’t figure out what the incoming note of positivity is a return of. And it perhaps doesn’t quite matter that we don’t realise. Fortunately or unfortunately, when bad things return, they return defined.

The return of goodness is never labelled. It is either a packet of sweets, or a garden of flowers. We do not know what flower we receive as a return of what good deed. But we can be certain that if we get a flower, it is because of some good deed we have done. I see these returns as God’s way of appreciating us – nature’s way of maintaining the balance.

If we rendered help to a fellow human being in distress, we would find that at some point in life, when we need a helping hand, no matter how lost we might feel, we would receive support from somewhere. The same applies for love, good wishes, motivation, moral support, and all other positive things we could do for our fellow beings. When I say that the good deeds we do, return, let us not set out doing things expecting the return. Being selfless while giving love, would give the greatest joy to the giver and the receiver. I can’t quote a scientific logic behind this cycle of events. But if you believe that a balance has to be maintained on all spheres of life, you would align with me.

Just like how goodness returns, beware, negativity returns too. But the purpose of the return of negativity, is, in my thinking, different – it is something beyond just the maintenance of balance. It is to make us realise. And the reason I say this, is that the boomerang of negativity is highly specific in nature. It remains unmodified in its flight. It returns exactly when it is time for us to realise, wake up, and repent.

We throw a slipper, we get a slipper back. We throw a garbage bag with three rotten apples and one rotten egg, and 10 gram dust, we get a similar bag with the exact contents. Nature does no injustice. Not only do we “get” the garbage bag, but it is thrown at us the same way we threw it.

We can certainly not control (directly) what’s incoming. But since we realise that the incoming is a result of what we gave the world, we know that it is indirectly in our hands. We need to treat the world, the way we want to be treated.

Also, we must ensure that when the incoming is bad, we must not lose our calm and throw more negativity in that process. We must be sensible enough to remind ourselves that anything incoming is just a result of our own once-outgoing deeds. If we send in more negativity in response to the incoming negativity, sooner or later, this would return too.

In short, we get back from the world exactly what we give.

“What goes around..goes around..comes all the way back around..” so goes the song. I see a vast ocean of meaning in this. It conveys ultimately – that we need to be conscious of what we do, what we think – not fearing the return, but because, we love purity and peace.

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