The mirror effect – the basis of oneness

#globalite Dhwani proposes a simple solution to developing harmonious relationships. Why not give this a shot to transform your relationsihps? #mindfulmonday #consciousliving

Everyone is striving today to live in harmony with the outside world.

Living in peaceless times, we all know the constant internal struggle of each person that is fought towards happiness by the demolition of confusion. This fight is not an easy one – not an easy one, until we know a few keys. I’d call it a path with locked doors in between. We walk along the maze, and the path is blocked with a locked door. Until we find the key to each of these obstacles, we are stuck in the path to peace.

One of the doors hardest to open, is perhaps the one where life brings upon us the challenge of identifying others. Understanding others could be a really arduous and confusing task, especially if we have certain pre-fixed mentalities such as – first impression = best impression. Even after being in association with people for years, sometimes we fail to recognize them because of masks – either people are masked so they don’t show us their facial features, or we are masked such that our eyes are hidden.

How then, do we recognize people? How do we ensure that the mask is removed from both faces ? The solution is what I call – the mirror effect.

“One sees in others what he is in himself”, it is said widely. Adding to this sentence, I’d say – one imposes on others what he is in himself. Believe it or not, we are all mirrors. What happens when two mirrors are placed opposite each other? – Each mirror sees what’s in the opposite mirror. Infinite identical images are created.

When I approach a Mr. X, the thoughts with which I approach him are the images I place on the mirror called “me”. Likewise, Mr. X also has a mirror – perhaps prefixed with some images. When we face each other, the images sum up, and the resulting images are a combination of the images (thoughts) on both the mirrors (people). So typically, the most healthy interaction would be the one in which both the mirrors are plain, blank, with no previously created image. But such an interaction is rare – and is usually present only in interactions of two people of high mental calibre.

Keeping a mind with absolutely no thoughts or prefixed ideas may be hard. Instead, why not fill our mind with good thoughts? “Okay, I’m going to meet this Mr. X interaction is going to be effective. I’m positive that Mr. X is going to be a nice guy and the interaction will go well”..when we enter the scene with such a mentality, the purity and positivity is reflected through our eyes, facial expressions, body language and words. This interacts with the subconscious mind of Mr. X and induces a wave of positivity. So even if he has come with prefixed negative ideas, his thoughts can be superimposed by the positive thoughts on the other side, if they are strong enough. This is logic, this is physics. This is, the language of minds. The stronger image, the brighter image, overshadows the one that’s duller. It doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative (good or bad). The stronger one dominates. Simple.

When our thoughts are happy, and strong enough to superimpose the thoughts of the other person, the result would be a healthy interaction. No misunderstanding, no confusion – just a healthy relation. Remember, all this is achieved not necessarily by the impact of the thoughts of both the people involved. It is created by the thoughts within one person – within me – within you.

This theory is going to work in every action of the day. This is a safe and certain way of ensuring that irrespective of the already worn masks, the reality would be (or would be transformed into) just purity.

To put this on a more basic level, we can ensure positivity with every person we come across, with every relation in the world – just by ensuring we are positive in our thoughts. Be it a business interaction, a casual interaction, or a family interaction – impact is created by the quality and intensity of thoughts. And remember, each person makes a difference – you, make a difference.

Not that each of our thoughts are going to be manifested on the other person – but, an impact is sure to be created. It’s just about the goodness that lies in the thoughts. Goodness stimulates goodness. Hurt reflects hurt. Love creates love. Hate provokes hate.

Let’s not lose track – we are on our path towards peace, and are stuck on an obstacle where we are finding difficulty in identifying others. The point established by the mirror solution is this – identifying others may be hard. Because each person has a cluster of gushing thoughts. To untangle, read, and understand is hard. Instead, by the mirror effect, we “ensure” that the other person is thinking on similar lines as we are thinking. So instead of making great efforts to analyse the other person’s mind, we are trying to stay steadfast in our thoughts, and making all efforts to check the quality of our own thoughts. This takes effort, takes energy, takes concentration. While we are busy checking our thoughts, the mirror is creating beautiful images of our thoughts, and is showing out these images through various methods as said earlier (eyes, expressions, words, body language, etc.,) This is understood by the other mirror (the subconscious mind of the other person), and a positive impact is created, because the other mirror reflects our mirror. Let our thoughts be strong enough, pure enough. We can force a positive change.

In a nutshell, each person has to be watchful of his thoughts. Not just because it is reflected outside, but also because it returns back. Not just because it returns back, but also because the thoughts affect the thinker. And we want happiness. We want health. We want success. We want peace.

I don’t have a scientific proof for this. You could try this yourself in your daily lives and prove it to yourself! 🙂


[Featured Image Source: Artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen]


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