“Awesomeness in life”

 Our own teen-philosopher #globalite Dhwani breaks stereotypes of what teenagers and even adults often consider essential to consider their lives ‘awesome’, and demonstrates that ‘awesomeness’ is really a state of mind. #mindfulmonday #allinthemind

“You don’t watch films? I can’t imagine such a boring life!”

That’s what I was told by a friend to whom I said I’ve lost the interest and the patience to sit at a stretch for hours to watch a movie. And after a few exchanges, my friend felt that my life was way boring when compared to his, and that I should do some ‘fun’ stuff to add ‘awesomeness’ to my life. Do you have similar thoughts too? Do you feel that life can be ‘awesome’ only if select things branded ‘cool’ are done? Come on …at the end of the day the feeling of an awesome life in you is brought about by a peaceful head with no worries, and a company of loveable people around. You have close friends and family, a wide range of friends you can be social with, you have hobbies to pursue and relax the mind, you have gardens to maintain and terrace with skies to admire ….and amazing people to talk to…at the end of the day you have a light head and a peaceful mind. Isn’t this sufficient to label life as an ‘awesome’ one?

I’m a person who believes that life can be made awesome however ‘bad’ it may be, in the standards of others. And I believe that you should believe the same too! You enjoy the life you live, purely based on your outlook. Even the millionaires can be unhappy, and even the beggar on the streets can say that life is awesome. The converse of this may or may not appear surprising to you, based on the parameters with which you measure the awesomeness of life.

So here’s the secret mantra: accept life the way it is, fill it with happiness and positivity …and it automatically becomes awesome 🙂

If you haven’t got the satisfaction of living an ‘awesome’ life yet, then trust me – it’s the peace of mind that matters. And this ‘awesomeness’ can be brought about by nothing other than your thoughts, your outlook…you.  (Wow I sound like a philosopher :P)

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