It’s again about the nature of energies that I’m going to talk about.Yet another emphasis about the importance of positive energy. But I felt it was important to see it from the perspective of hate. Hence this post.

There’s no one that can escape Mr. Hate. Let’s face it. There’s at least someone we have hated at some point of life – even if it is for just a second, hate is hate. Likewise, there’s at least someone in the world that hates us – for reasons known and unknown, petty and big, true and untrue. No matter what, hate is after all hate.

While we are striving hard to achieve peace, what do we do when this Mr. Hate blocks our way?
The answer is the same as that of any other obstacle – positive energy. While our efforts must lie on the path of solving the problem that created the hate, we must not forget to carry our bag of eternal positive energy. Because, this bag, is after all, our powerhouse. It is our inspiration, friend, and every lost link in the world.

There are different “types” of hate exhibited by people.
There are some that express hate right on to the face. Straight forward haters are my favourites. These are very easily solvable. If this hate has emerged out of a misunderstanding, the very expression of the hate would lead to its destruction, rather than its accumulation – or what is called “bottling up”. As people popularly say “It is better to be slapped by the truth than to be comforted by a lie.”

Then there are these haters that never express hate directly, but reveal the feeling through indirect means. Sarcastic haters certainly express hate, but we must be shrewd enough to understand it. If we do, and maintain our calm, we can solve the problem to the extent we can. They either express hate through facial expressions, or through sarcastic speech – or by other indirect methods such as finding every possible way to avoid you.

Then there are some others who never let out their hate. I call them the volcanic haters. You never realise that there was lava until it erupts one day. They would be nice to you all the way long, while suppressing their hate within. When they can no longer hold it, they throw it all upon you. That’s when you’d feel that they’re probably behaving so because they’re not well at that moment. But the truth is – it hasn’t come out of the blue. These people are very dangerous, I tell you. We must be strong enough to be stable even when such outbreaks take place. Handling this could be very tricky, especially if we have a lot of our trust and love deposited in them.

And then there is this last category of haters – people who somehow hide their hatred throughout their lifetime. They keep on generating negativity – always unexpressed. This harms both parties. Highly dangerous. But it is the sad truth!

The solution to everything lies in the nature of thoughts we create. While we can strive hard to solve the problems that arise with people who talk right on to the face, we must ensure that we don’t lose our calm when they let out their thinking. After all, we saw how horrible it is to hide the hate. So when someone lets out their hate – we need to remember that we’re lucky to have a hater that expresses! For all the categories where the hatred cannot be possibly removed by mere talking, the best is to ignore. Ignore here means – never hate back. When we don’t hate back, we need to have the stability to think and understand that if there’s no fault on our side, we don’t need to bother.However, if we are at fault – let’s not think twice for an apology – a sincere heartfelt apology.

Any hater is directing negative energy towards you. Without responding to it by further negative energy, we need to continue positive energy. On more practical terms – we need to understand that this hatred has emerged out of some misunderstanding or ignorance – or difference of opinion. Whether or not attempting to solve it, we need to remain calm. Mere happy acceptance solves our problem.

Whether expressed or unexpressed, hate is driving negative energy towards us. After all, the hate is directed towards us. So we need to create a wall of positive energy around us. In another words – we need to overflow with positive energy. When we are surrounded by positive energy, not only do we spread the love, but also shield ourselves. Let the arrows come! They aren’t going to penetrate.

When they see a nil-response (in terms of hate), it is possible that the intensity of the hatred reduces. Highest probability is that their hate is magically converted into love. If not love – into null. If not null – at least suppressed. And if not suppressed – we are unaffected anyway. I don’t intend talking about selfish ideas here. But the above sentence means that positive energy is the key to everything. It is the degree and strength of the positive-energy-shield that we create, that decides the degree of impact. Not to mention, this is to be supplemented by other means of solving the problem – ALWAYS backed by positive energy.

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