Setting A Standard for Ourselves

#globalite Ann shares her wise thoughts on 18 things to remember even as we set a standard for our own selves.  #mindfulmonday #consciousliving

Each of us needs to set a standard for ourselves! But while setting it, LET US NOT :
(1) kill our sense of purpose
(2) forget we are human and others too
(3) forget to be compassionate and kind not only to fellow beings but to all creation
(4) forget to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes before we turn judgmental
(5) be selfish and self centered
(6) forget to say hello, sorry and thank u
(7) forget to give others the space that we ourselves require
(8) forget to be truthful and justifiable
(9) forget to be humble and level headed
(10) forget to give according to the deserving need of the other
(11) close eyes to injustice but act within the law of the land
(12) lose our sense of humor
(13) forget to live each day
(14) forget family and friends or any relation – both old and new
(15) forget the good others did for us
(16) forget to maintain a balance in life
(17) forget to be a FRIEND
(18) forget to SMILE


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