Declutterring my Bookshelf

 inspired by #globalite Arch’s posts on #decluttering, #globalite Atticus got a-decluttering today and took on his bookshelf!

I periodically check my bookshelf and pack off some books to the nearest library where I live. It had been some time that I did so.

I do not accumulate a lot of things. My shopping is very targeted and preplanned, making a list of items to be purchased be it groceries, clothes, stationery, or household requirements, thereby avoiding the clutter at its source.

Books accumulate over a period of time. With the advent of reading news, articles and opinions on the internet rarely do I buy magazines.

The way I sort my books for donations to local libraries:
1. Ones that I have read and enjoyed, but might not read it again.
2. Ones that I have abandoned midway due to various reasons.
3. Ones kept pending and maybe never going to read.

The ones I retain:
1. Classics which I’ve enjoyed and will reread them again in future.
2. Gifted by my close friends.
3. Books related to bird-watching.
4. All books by James Herriot.
5. Books written by friends.

The basic idea of giving books to libraries is; it will be read by many, if one individual finds it not interesting it will be returned to the library and someone else might find it interesting. I don’t give books to individuals; finding the books unread when I visit them kind of puts me off (but do gift books to friends who I know are bookworms and who read).

After going through my bookshelf, I found 15 books that I am going to donate to our village library today (pictured above).

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