Happy Spot

Do you have a Happy Spot that you can go to at will?  Here’s #globalite Arch’s Happy Spot!

Brow furrowed,
a search for that happy spot
takes me down memory lane
deeper, deeper, until
i see it
brilliant, vivid
the green meadows
that I roll down on
and run breathless
the breeze gushing
against my puffed cheek
i reach the gurgling stream
the inertia takes me across
in one swift jump
i run up the hill now toward
the dense pine forest
enticing with its mysteries deep
the brown forest floor
plush with dry pine leaves
so inviting
I fall plunk!
and burrow
dodging the pine cones
into the warm leaves
piled on my panting stomach
i lie there squinting
at the sun filtering through
the canopy
while my fellow adventurers
run amuck
time is irrelevant
simply joy, happiness
until we tear back
down the hill
across the stream
up the hill again
compelled to stop
to grab the ripe berries
braving the thorny leaves
and then off again
up the hill
back home
we look back and know
we’ll be there again
we’ll go deeper
find new adventures
new stories
more laughter
more fun…
i am refreshed
that one happy spot
so precious
i know not if i’ll
ever feel that joy
that childhood
could give.

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