Remembering our Parents Sacrifice

Perinjery reminisces about his parents sacrifices and the lengths they went to provide a comfortable upbringing…  #then-and-now #lifestylewednesday

I was studying in the 9th grade. My annual leave had finished and I had to go back to my residential school in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala state which is situated at the southern tip of India. My dad was posted in a place 100 kms from Jammu city on the northern tip of India.

We did not get reservation in the train and my father decided to go in the un-reserved compartment as I had to reach the school on time. I used to travel alone in train from the 8th grade onwards back from vacations. However this time since I had to go in an un-reserved compartment my father decided to come along. He did not get reservation for his return journey as well. Those days there was no pantry service in un-reserved compartments. So my mother prepared and packed food and water for both of us for the entire 3 days journey.

The compartment was crowded. We got just enough space to sit. For the entire journey, my father could only sit and sleep in the sitting position. I could snuggle into the little space and comfortably slept with my head resting on my father’s lap. So he did not even shift his legs while I was sleeping. I wonder how he would have travelled back the next day he dropped me to school for another 3 days in the same crowded un-reserved compartment.

Thinking back I realize how much sacrifice our parents would have done for our comfort. That realization keeps me going to serve my old parents in spite of my own busy official and family life.

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