Unique AND One

You know, you and I are not that different if you think about it.  Peel a few layers and we are exactly the same.  We are life itself.  What then makes us different?  Our experiences based on our circumstances and the choices we make, and therefore our abilities.

What is the purpose?  To further life through our abilities.  You see, we are like distributed processing engines of life, each working autonomously and in union towards the same cause.  We are like intelligent nodes in nature’s big data cloud running different algorithms, sometimes alone, sometimes in clusters.

What does all this mean?  Our separateness is superficial, our presence is timeless, our uniqueness is essential, our purpose is mutual.  We are unique AND we are one.

Let’s embrace our oneness, celebrate our uniqueness and live up our purpose!

[Image Source: Illustration by Christopher David Ryan]

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