Colors of Marrakech

#globalite Jayanthi takes us on a photo tour of Marrakech, a Northwest African nation of Morocco, stunning visuals with a generous splash of colors! #travelthursday #colors

Colors bring varying meaning, emotions to each one of us based on our habits, our childhood, culture, country etc. Some minds fade away from bright ones while others lose luster from pastels. One wears white to a funeral while the other wears the same white to a wedding. And in some cases, colors have weaved themselves so much in to the landscape, business, people and mannerism that all you can feel is the perfect blend of the hues and the pure joy of harmony. Colors of Marrakech …… Marrakech1 Marrakech2 Marrakech3 Marrakech4 Marrakech5 Marrakech6 Marrakech7 Marrakech8      

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