#globalite Vane is a passionate world traveller who seeks out unique experiences.  Where did her travelust take her this time?  Find out!  #travelthursday

It was a unique experience to spend few nights in one of these igloos. The igloo is designed to enjoy the northern lights and the starry sky in the comfort of room temperature. Unfortunately, the three nights we stayed in the igloo, it was cloudy. We were there in the month of October, which is the off-season. The best time to visit would be in December when Snow Igloos are also available!


On the last day we drove into Norway and saw Arctic Sea. On the way back we noticed that the sky was clear until we got closer to our resort. So that night after dinner we started driving in search of a hole in the clouds and got lucky. We were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by darkness and watched the northern lights put on a show just for us for about 30 minutes!


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