Open Cockpit Biplane Ride

Its #travelthursday at Globalizm, a day to celebrate our beautiful planet and to share stories about the wilderness, art and culture from around the globe!  Here’s our first travel post from contributor Vane.

I am Vane and I will be sharing my travel adventures with you and hope to hear about your adventures too!

It is always fun to drive a convertible when the top is down. You get to feel the wind without feeling claustrophobic. If this makes you feel free, imagine flying 1500 feet high without a top over your head! Yes, that’s exactly what we did in San Diego. Riding in a 1929 authentic Open Cockpit Biplane was a wonderful experience. Some of the highlights about this ride are the take off, landing, flying above the clouds, and seeing the shores of Pacific Ocean from 800 feet high. Best of all, we get to sit in the cockpit while the pilot flew from the rear! Overall, the trip provided a beautiful view of La Jolla and its reef, which is known for snorkeling & kayaking.



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