Vegan on the Road

As a regularly touring vegan musician, I get to see a lot of different places all over the country. Since April, I have put over 10,000 miles on my truck – everything from big cities like LA to small towns and mountain wilderness.

I’ve been a touring musician for nearly 15 years, and have been vegan for over 8 of those years.

One thing I am frequently asked is how do I find vegan food in my travels. It must be pretty difficult, right?

Veganism has come a long way since my first vegan tours in the Southeast. In those days, most restaurants had little specifically vegan options. Many places has little concept of what vegan even was.

But things have changed. Awareness of health and lifestyle has greatly blossomed. There is a health food store in Cody, WY. Restaurant chains are boldly advertising new vegan options. In the heart of a cheese market in Amish country, Ohio, several new vegan items have been showing up on the menu.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to eat well and compassionately in any travels across the US. Sites like, and the rising demand for organic, gluten free, and vegan options have been making restaurants and grocery stores take notice. Farmer’s markets have also been on the rise.

A good idea for travelers is to make your own food when you can. Stop at grocery stores and farmers markets. Getting fresh fruits and veggies that are local to your area means delicious food for you and a great way to support local farmers. It’s always good to have food on hand as you travel. It’s cheaper. It guarantees good food whenever you want it.

There are lots of wonderful vegan and vegan-friendly places all over the country. An easy Google search can take you right to a tasty meal, and new friends.

Have no fear if you’re venturing around the country, you will have no problem eating healthy and finding beautiful, compassionate adventures.

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